The Green Home Office

Looking for ways to save on your home office? Go Green!

Whether your home office is made up of a separate space with a desk, computer and a variety of equipment, or a corner area in your bedroom, the hard truth is that it can easily eat up more energy than any other area of the home. If you’re looking to cut back on your work space environmental mark, there are a few ways to correct your situation.

Use a designated basket for paper which will be sent to the recycle bin later on. Offices that only have one trash can will quickly accumulate a variety of food stuffs, batteries and plastic items in addition to the bits of paper you no longer require. By keeping a separate basket around for paper, it will be easier to sort through when cleaning time comes along.

Consider using the duplex option on your office printer. This will make it so each side of your paper is used. Most printers that are manufactured today come with this option standard.

Make a point to purchase eco-friendly supplies. Most office supply shops tend to be very “green”, and will offer customers a variety of materials that have been manufactured from various recycled materials. Look for recycled ink cartridges, printer paper and file folders. You can even pick up a pack of eco-friendly paperclips!

By making an effort to reduce your environmental footprint at home, you will not only start saving a bit of cash on energy bills, but also contribute to the environment around you.

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